Thursday, 19 December 2013

Review of the Makeup Academy Velvet Lip Lacquer

Review of the Makeup Academy Velvet Lip Lacquer in shades Criminal and Funk.
So I've been wanting to try these for a while now and they were finally in stock at Superdrug.
The velvet lip lacquer's are £3 each and i heard that a lot of people thought they were a good dupe for Lime Crime's Velvetines but these are a lot cheaper.

So the things i liked about both lip lacquer is that they are very pigmented, they are also fairly easy to apply but i would still be careful because it' hard to get off if you make a mistake. I really like the packaging its very pretty with the gold and black packaging and also like the Lime Crime Velvetines it has a frosty tube which is very sleek looking.

The things i don't like about the MUA lip lacquers is that they dry out your lips ALOT. Also i would recommend not to apply any kind of lip balm before you apply the lip lacquer or even after you apply it because it will look horrible and smear or flake of i know this because i tried both haha. I have tried the products out a few times and it has let me down every time even if i didn't put any lip balm on it would still flake of in about 3 minutes and if you try and re apply it only makes things worse. So overall i wouldn't re-purchase these again. But i would like to say i usually love MUA products i own a lot of there makeup and have loved it but i just really don't like the lip lacquer's.

Here are some pics :D

Here is Funk a deep pink almost red shade
 Here is Criminal it is a very neon pink barbie colour shade
 Here is both lip lacquers in the very pretty black and gold packaging

Here you can see the frosted style tube


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