Friday, 20 December 2013

Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas makeup tutorial

Today i decided to try some Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas and do a makeup tutorial to show you guys how to do it to :D

You will need :
Light Foundation
Light Pressed or loose powder
Light concealer
Blue eyeliner
Blue eyeshadow
Black eyeliner
Black eyeshadow
Blush red or pink
False eyelashes
Red lipstick
Red wig
And a Sally costume if you have one.

 Firstly apply light foundation all over you face and apply light concealer over any dark circles or red spots.
Then use your blue eyeliner to draw a cat eye shape  then fill in the gap.
Then apply blue eyeshadow over the eyeliner to make it last longer and look more viberant i'm  using a shade from my Urban Decay palate called Painkiller.
Then line your eyes and bring it out into a small wing and draw in 3 eyelashes underneath the water line.
Then fill in your brows black with eyeshadow and then use your black eyeliner to draw a big circle around your eye.
 Now draw some stitches with black eyeliner around the eye and extending the smile line.
 Then apply some false eyelashes to give it an extra dolly feel.
 Once you have outlined your lips with black eyeliner fill them in with red lipstick here i am using 2 different shades of red to create the perfect shade.
 Now to make the face a bit more blue take a blue eyeshadow and contour the hollows of your cheeks and your nose (remember to blend)
 Now draw some stitches again with black eyeliner around your neck and down your chest.
 Here is the finished look with and without the wig. So i hoped you enjoyed this tutorial comment below if you want me to do more :D


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