Friday, 28 March 2014

MCM con in Birmingham review

Today i'm going to tell you about my experience at MCM con in Birmingham on Saturday 22nd March. Here is a link to the MCM Birmingham website   
When i first arrived at about 11am i literally just walked in because i had pre bought tickets so there was no que which was great so worth the extra £6!
Also it was my first time coslaying which was super fun :D
I was cosplay as Daenerys Targeryen from Game of Thrones
here's some pictures

As soon i as i walked in i was surrounded by lots of stalls and cosplayers it was amazing there was to much to look at haha :P
There was alot of people there so it was nice that at the back on the hall there was a bit where there was no stalls so you could get a chance to stop and talk to people.
It was really nice to meet so many awesome cosplayers and see how much work they had put into there costumes.
Over the day i got stopped by hundreds of people for pictures it was so awesome and i'm so happy that everyone liked my first cosplay :D
A lot of people were loving my Dragon egg that i made to

                                                                               Here are some pictures i took through the day.
                                                                               Margaery Tyrell from Game Of Thrones.


  Joker Batman.Jawas from Star wars.

 Adorable Batman and Robin.

Back to the future.

Star wars.


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