Sunday, 25 November 2012

fake ripped nail.

how to make a fake ripped nail.
you will need:
a fake nail
cotton wool
eyelash glue
red paint or lipstick

what i used.

i decided to use these paints instead of lipstick.

the fake nail i used.

cut it down to size.
cut it in half.

rip one half of the nail in half the more rough it looks the better.

add glue to all of the nail.

glue half of the nail on and add bits of cotton wool to the other side
so it will look how underneath of your nail would look like.

i mixed both the paints together.

paint the half of the nail with no nail on it.
use some more glue and add a small bit of the nail that is left.
add some fake blood.

the more blood the better remember if you broke your nail
in real life the blood wouldn't be neat so have fun with it :D


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