Sunday, 25 November 2012

How to make a realistic open scar wound.

How to make a realistic open scar wound.

You will need :
nose and scar wax
red and black face paint
foundation and sponges
plastic plate fake blood
clear cd case ( for the glass in the wound )
sculpting tool
and paint brushes.

what i used. I put on some moisturiser .

 use the sculpting tool to get wax out.

 .  blend in the wax.

 the foundation and sponge i used.
apply foundation with the sponge.

red face paint and sponge.
add a bit  of red to make it look sore.

use sculpting tool to cut it in half.
what it should look like after it is cut.

 paint red face paint on the inside.
it should look like this.

fake blood.
 put a bit of the broken cd case in the wound.
 paint the fake bood around the wound.

now you should have a cool open scar wound.


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